EyeOn Plus Monitoring Services™

EyeOn Plus Monitoring Services®


Protect your site with 24/7 Professional Security Monitoring and Real-Time Response.

For Construction Site Security Monitoring & Advanced Video Surveillance Systems

Our world-class construction site security monitoring station and video surveillance team is comprised of veterans and former law enforcement personnel, including former members of all 4 branches of the military, resulting in one of the most dedicated, professional, and well-trained operations centers in the video monitoring industry.

With construction site security by the top professionals in the industry, you can ensure a safe working environment for your crew, keep your projects on time, and your profits aren’t cut due to continuous loss.

If you’re ready to see how EyeOn Plus Monitoring Services® can improve the efficiency of your jobsite, give us a call today at 1 855-4NoTheft (466-8433).

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Professional Security Monitoring in the USA
Why Choose EyeOn Plus Monitoring Services®?
  • 15+ Years of Industry Experience

    We are backed by over 15 years of experience in the jobsite surveillance industry.

  • Highly Trained Veteran and Professional Staff

    Our team is comprised of veterans and former law enforcement personnel, including former members of all 4 branches of the military.

  • Industry Leading Proactive Virtual Guard Services

    Our virtual guard services can monitor existing CCTV video security systems to perform real-time monitoring of your property, conduct compliance audits, virtual property tours, and remote access controls.

  • Incident Reporting Technology

    Our Incident Reporting Technology pushes real time videos to police and end users.

  • Active Industry Association Member

    We are active members of the Home Builders Association, TEXO, American Subcontractors Association, Arizona Builders Alliance, Associated General Contractor of America, Greater Houston Builders Association, and more.

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